Tips For Cat Fishing

Catfish Indonesia can be found everywhere. You can found them in pond, river, lake, or reservoir. However, the river will provide you a unique fishing experience. If you want to catch catfish in a river, there will be its own guidelines that you have to follow. Everything will determine your catch.

Tips To Catch Catfish Indonesia In A River

You can catch catfish Indonesia near debris or from the bank. Each place has a different method. You can choose whatever method that suits you the best.

  1. Fish near Debris

This fish likes to hide among branches and sometimes a dead tree. Even they can also hide perfectly in rocks and other places which can cover them. They tend to live near debris since it can bring them more food and more protection. If you want to catch them near debris, you need to cast your line upstream from the debris and to down. This way is necessary in order to make the bait’s smell sensed by the catfish.

  1. Fish from the Bank

When you want to catch the fish from the bank, it means that you will eliminate the need for a boat. Moreover, the problems that come along with the need of boat will also be eliminated. And then you will face another problem since you will fish on the bank. It is quite difficult to find a spot near the fishing site. However, the sound of the motor can scare the fish so your chance of fishing will be lower. A boat may not be able to access certain areas of the debris. But if you choose to fish on the bank, there are more spots that are easier to be accessed.

That’s our tips to catch catfish Indonesia on the debris and on the bank. Don’t forget to have a good quality of fishing equipment since they can determine the result of your fishing.