Short List Of Best Belt Sander

best belt sanderIf you have a wooden floor, you need proper equipment for performing the finishing and also shaping. If you need the best belt sander this article will give you some quick list of the best sander that ever exists on the market today. Of course, finding the best sander will be difficult that’s why we give you some accurate list of the best sander on the store right now. For those of you who curious and also looking for belt sander that can last longer and also have the high quality, this short list will be really come in handy for you. Check it out.

Lists Of Best Belt Sander

Finding the best sander can be really difficult and also it depends on what you are planning to use it for what kind of task. Well, in this article we will give you some nice idea of the best belt sander on market and with using this you can get the best of the best and of course, each of them will have a very different performance and also price. Choose it very carefully to make sure you can get the best. Here are some lists that can help you find out of the best sander out there.

  1. Makita 9903, 8.8 Power, 690-1.440 Belt Speed, 9.5 Weight
  2. Makita 9403, 11 Power, 1.640 Belt Speed, 13 Weight
  3. Black & Decker DS321, 7 Power, 800 Belt Speed, 8.2 Weight
  4. WEN 6321, 7 Power, 820 Power, 6.8 Weight
  5. Porter-Cable 352VS, 8 Power, 850-1.300, 10.75 Weight

Those are the best list that we can give to you. As we promise, we only will give you a short list about the best belt sander on market right now and those five are the power rangers that can give you the best sander. Of course, you need to be very carefully in choosing the sander.