Health lifeIn this recent day, it is not something new anymore that alcohol becomes the part in many people’s life. Even they drink it as a habit which means that it is done almost every day. We all know that drinking habit is a bad one because there are many bad effects which can make the health worse. For those who have this habit, it is the time for you to change. By now you need to avoid the habit of drinking alcohol. However, what is the best way to do it? There are some things which you are able to do in order to avoid this habit and all the information are in the following explanation.

  1. Changing your daily habits

One of the ways which can be done to avoid your drinking habit is changing your daily habits. In this case, many people do the same things every day including to drink alcohol. Thus, what is needed here is something different. You are recommended to change some habits like changing the driving route and so on. By doing something new, you will find that drinking alcohol is not as important as before.

  1. Turning off your TV

The next thing that can be done to avoid your bad habit of drinking alcohol is by turning off the TV. We know that when we are watching TV, drinks and food including beer or wine become the choice of some of us. If you do it if course what is needed is turning off the TV. By doing this, it means that there will be no alcohol on the table.

  1. Doing healthy activities

After that doing healthy activities will be another way to stop the bad habit of drinking alcohol. There are many activities which you can do like jogging, stretching, running or walking. By doing some of the activities above indeed your will to drink alcohol can be less.

Smartphone TipsSmartphones are a really great gadget that you can have. It contains so many features that you can think of. It is like the mini size of your computer. Unfortunately, the power of the smartphone is still underused. Thus, it is necessary to upgrade the user with smartphone tips to achieve so much better utilization that enhances your productivity. The first thing that you should do is simply by installing only applications that you need. Depending on what you are working on right now, it requires very different applications for improving your productivity. Take one example if you are a part-time worker. There are some applications that can count how much you earn in a month without a problem. This kind of application is one that you should download and that will improve your productivity.

For General People

The next thing that should be considered is the fact that smartphones actually have internet access as long as you are subscribing to the internet provider. With that kept in mind, it is possible to browse things or to find things that you need. Even better, smartphones also have virtual assistance that can help you to remember so many things. Both features go hand in hand together to create a harmony for improving your productivity. suggest you use that virtual assistance for reminding you about important stuff. Since the data are stored on the internet, you will not lose the date.

The last thing that should be considered when it comes to a smartphone is absolutely about the maintenance. Keeping a phone at is prime condition is not easy. However, it is possible because you can do various things to your smartphones. There are various smartphone tips that you can use to protect your phone, and you should know about that. Those are all some possibilities with a smartphone that you can experience.

portrait photography ideasSome people around the word like taking photography as their hobby or profession. The touch of art needs to be put when people apply portrait photography as one popular branch of big photography world no matter would that means. At this type of art, people can take focus on how they manage to give a clear explanation about the body, especially in face language to represent certain emotion. In fact, not all people can do this matter at best. Therefore, learning to find the best portrait photography ideas is something interesting to do. The guidance related to this matter will be shown below.

To Set Learning At Portrait Photography Ideas

It is such a normal situation when people get amazed once they enter the gallery or see at the social media site the good angle and position of portrait photography ideas. No matter how inside the frame can bring positive and big energy in huge. Technically, it depends on photographers’ ability for sure. But, the question is spread out through the possibility for an amateur to copy the concept. The answer is no reason to say no. With good and deep focus in learning, everyone can improve their abilities for sure.

In addition, when people look for the best shot of portrait photography ideas, they can see some best professional photographers who have successfully create these arts. Each of them might have a different focus that some put the biggest effort to introduce the face of the model while others can put what the model do, or the details at one best frame of the technical shot. To know this thing in more details, they can browse the samples of a picture taken from the certain site that can be found for free. People will get both the excitement and the lesson once they open and explore the pages freely.

how to perform umrah / hajj step by stepWhat is Umrah /Hajj? Umrah or hajj is a biggest Islamic worship or pilgrimage. There are slight different between Umrah or Hajj. Umrah is slightly easier. We can do it anytime of the years. Hajj is quite hard. We must do it at a certain time. We need to wait for queue of hajj before we can depart to Mecca. Usually after we booked the hajj package, we need to wait at least 2-3 years before we can really depart. So, hajj is a biggest achievement for every Muslim. Lot of Muslim dreamed about hajj and work hard to buy a hajj package. Departing to Mecca isn’t cheap and easy. There are lots of preparations we need to make. Both of Umrah or hajj isn’t easy trip, but it was the biggest dream for every Muslim.

The Difference Between Umrah And Hajj, And What Is Umrah /Hajj?

Are you curious about what is Umrah /hajj and what is the differences between them? There are slight different between umrah and hajj. We can do umrah anytime of the years. We can only do hajj in a certain time, dzulhijah month. This is the month of hajj, every Muslim from all around the world, gather at holy city of Mecca to perform the most sacred pilgrimages in Islamic religion. Hajj is must to do, but only if you have power or money to do it. We don’t have to do Umrah if we don’t want it and we don’t get any sins. The steps of performing hajj are more complicated and long.

In conclusion, what is umrah /hajj? They are the most sacred pilgrimage of the Islamic religion. We will visit the holiest building in Islamic, a building that had been the center of every Islamic pray, a building that is the home of mighty Allah, a building that built by prophet Ibrahim and his son. Both of umrah and hajj is a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca.

android nougatIn this time, the technology keeps advancing. You should be aware of this because without knowing the advance of technology you will never know what you should do. You will be left undone with the others. Like in this time, the present of Smartphone has made people crazy. This phone is definitely smart just like the name and for the operation system, this Smartphone will be Android.  This android has many versions since the first time it was coming. The latest is android nougat. Here you can get android nougat update information. You need to know what makes this android version is the best.

Android Nougat Update, What New?

Well, here you will know several specifications that exist in the new version of the android operation system. The first feature will be Daydream. It is actually a platform of reality virtual application from Google. With this daydream, the creator hope will be able to apply VR on the device so that you no need prepare many certain apps or the other thing because there will be much content of VR which is ready being released in Daydream. Well, that is the first android nougat update.

The second, you will find out a new feature called quick multi-tasking. By using this feature now, you can double tap on the recent apps button quickly if you want to jump to two application which is barely being operated. For example, if you want to send the email using Gmail but the article or the material you want to send is in Chrome. You can use chrome to copy the material you want to send and then double tap on the recent apps button, then you can move back to Gmail application quickly. Well, that’s all about android nougat update. If you want further information you can visit the website.

Health tipsHave you ever heard about shingles? Well, this is actually a viral infection which leads to a painful rash. When it comes to the people who are at risk for this health problem, it is said that one in three people in the US has possibility to develop this problem at some points in their life. For your information, this infection is triggered by varicella zoster virus; a virus which also causes the chickenpox. Then, what should we do to treat this health problem naturally?

To begin with, you should cleanse daily. In this case, you should do a daily cleansing to the blisters in order to decrease the chance of the infection to spread. You can take a cool shower or bath to ease your skin. For your information, water coolness is able to ease soreness caused by shingles and also calm the itchiness. As you finish bathing, do not forget to dry the body thoroughly then wash the towel immediately to prevent the virus spread to other. Next, applying a cool, wet compress is another good treatment to get relief of shingles. In this case, you may need to do it more than a few times during the day in order to relieve the symptoms. To use the compress, you just need to soak a clean cloth by using cool water. Then, squeeze the water out to apply it to the blisters and rash.

Afterward, you can also make a paste by using baking soda or cornstarch and water to get relief from the shingles rash. To make the paste, you can simply combine two parts baking soda or cornstarch with water to produce a perfect paste. Then, apply the paste onto your rash then wash it after ten to fifteen minutes. For better result, you should repeat the treatment several times in a day.

OnHackCheatsDo you like to play games both on computer and mobile? If you do indeed playing those games will be not as easy as people think, won’t it? Although certain games are designed in easy-to-be-played games all players need to do their effort in getting the win. That is why with the development of technology today many game cheats are created. Hence for those who need to play the games easier what you need to do here is using the cheats. You may find it on the internet in the certain website so that there is nothing which you can be afraid of to play the games you like the most. Then what are the games that have the cheats?

Various Game Cheats Here

Of course, there are various game cheats which can be found on the internet. Here there are so many genres of the games offered such as racing and shooting games. Besides not only game played on a computer that has the cheat but also there are many cheats for mobile games. For instance, is Bomber Friends hack tool which can be found on the internet easily. By using this kind of the tool playing this mobile game is not something difficult anymore. Besides, there is Pixel Gun 3D cheats for those who like playing shooting game in a smartphone.

After that, there are many other games which have the cheats. Here there is Deer Hunter 2014 in which all players should shoot the deer to get the points. Since shooting this animal is hard to even in a game thus its cheat game is very needed. Moreover, Soccer Stars becomes the next game that has had the cheats for all players. By having or using all the cheats game above indeed getting the first place in the games is not something impossible anymore. Then to get all the cheats you need for your favorite games what to do here is visiting the website of

Flop HackSince many times before, people like playing many kinds of games to get leisure times. It is known that games offer certain excitement that they look for. But, the author games commonly protect the rule of the game so that people cannot explore it freely. Somehow, they only give the trial mode to explain the short view related to the games while the other rules may ask them to play some money when they want to use special feature offered. Compared to usual items, it has a powerful or special feature so that makes the games more exciting. But, it becomes a big problem for all, then to fix this matter, they can use the free online game hack.

The Feature Of Free Online Game Hack

Basically, to make the games exciting, people can learn the tricks and tips. By the development of technology, it will make the hard games become easier. They can search certain tips at the online site. But, if it is not enough, today they can rely on this matter to use the free online game hack. At this application, they can get the restricted code to open lock level or feature. Thus, in short, it can be stated the offer from this supporting helps is awaited by most people around the world who like playing online games.

On the other hand, it becomes interesting to know the recommended site to accommodate this matter. Even though there are many sites offer the similar service, it is better to select a top site that people can rely on. One recommended site that belongs give clear help and other supporting details are At the site, people have a big allowance to complete the goal series of games they play for free. it is not debatable the use of this hack increases time by time because of instant help offered consistently.

Cleaning Cast Iron SkilletIf you are one of some people who find cleaning cast iron skillet difficult, you may need to read some tips related to this notion. In fact, cleaning iron skillet is not that difficult as long as you know the way to do it properly. As a special cook appliance, there is no doubt that we need to care the stuff in a special way as well. That’s why understanding the particular way to clean is a crucial thing for you. Learn the way to clean your iron skillet as follow.

Tips To Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet Easily

To begin with, it is necessary for you to prepare before cleansing the iron skillet. If you have just bought the stuff, you need to protect it coating first by applying a small amount of oil then heat the skillet. It will help to maintain the skillet by creating coating which forms like a plastic. Then, to cleaning cast iron skillet easily, you need to use warm water which has been combined with soap. You need to wash it well then use a smooth sponge to help you wiping the skillet. If you find stubborn dirt, you can apply the synthetic scrubbers which are on the back of the sponge.

Afterward, you can also apply some salt when you find it difficult to wash away all the dirt. Pour the salt and then heat it on such high temperature for a while. After that, you can rub the dirt with using a paper towel. For your information, the salt is not going to strip the coating away from the skillet’s surface. Then, complete the washing process by rinsing it. Since you have done the washing process, you can continue to dry up the cast iron skillet. Finally, if you need further information about the tips to cleanse cast iron skillet perfectly, you can continue reading on this following link:

Health lifeIf you want a healthy body, then you need to control, arrange, and manage a lot of things. You need to control your diets, your daily habits and the most important one are exercises. Exercise is a kind of activity that put a pressure on your body. This activity is intended to put a lot of pressure on our body. By putting a pressure, our body will be tired and exhausted after it. If you keep on doing the exercise, the muscle will break. But is this bad? No, it’s good for you. The broken muscle will be rebuilt to be stronger and better muscle. You need some proteins to rebuild muscle, so you must balance between exercising and diets.

By doing exercise, your body will let out some sweats. Sweating is the way body secrete unwanted materials out of the body. This way our body will be cleansed from unwanted material and poisons. That’s why we feel fresher after we do our exercise. Not only that, exercising will let you train your muscle to be better and stronger. There are some kind of training programs you can choose if you want to build your muscle. You need to consult with gym and health expert before doing a body building programs. Body building isn’t an easy task. The Beautiful body didn’t come in one day. It needs a lot of dedications and hard works to achieve beautiful and healthy body.

If you are still new to the sports world and don’t know where to start. You need to start it little by little. You need to start it from a bottom, from light exercise. You can start it by jogging or cycling. This two exercise is by far the easiest and cheapest exercise. The effect of running and cycling is really great for your body. Ask the doctor or go search it on the web about the benefits of running and cycling.

How Much Is Freedom Boat ClubFreedom boat club is definitely one of the best choices that you have if you love sailing. As the name suggests, the boat club is a club that is related with boats. There are so many things that you can get from the club. Most of the time, it is all about the adventure that you can experience. In order to join the club, it is necessary to be a member. Thus, it is also important to ask How Much Is Freedom Boat Club? Sailing is really interesting activity because not all people can do that. It is a unique activity exploring through the blue sea. It is like there is nothing that can stop you. You also can refresh your mind in this very place because it is just wide space that you can enjoy.

How Much Is Freedom Boat Club For A Year?

It is necessary to know that the price of boat club is not cheap. It is definitely designed for those who have more money to enjoy life. Therefore, be sure to prepare a great amount of money to be a member. If you want to know how much is freedom boat club for a year, the easiest way to know that is by visiting the boat club. The reason is because the information that is provided online is usually not accurate. Moreover, there is usually hidden costs be it addition or subtraction depending on situations. Therefore, it is necessary to just meet the organizers of boat club for further information.

If you are still wondering the price range, it is important to note that boat club members are priced at $3000 per year. That amount of money seems overwhelming, and it still requires you to pay more for various services. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider the budget after checking

Android ApkNowadays, almost all of the people have a smartphone and they are also using it. The people usually name it android. It is famous with name android. Android Apk is one of the miracles that is very useful for the human life. This is why the android is also called a smartphone, it comes from the word “smart” and “phone” This smartphone very useful because of this thing actually very smart to help the activity that people have. It is also because of the APK that help android or smartphone has so many advantages and can make the program on the internet can working well.

How To Download File Android Apk From Computer

There are so many innovations that we can find it easily at this time, such as from the fashion and also technology. Technology actually is very helping the human life. There are so many technology innovations that we can get easily. Android has also become one of the technological innovations that can help the people. There are so many cases in the android that the people can get. However, to make the android can work well, you have to have android APK first.

This is the way to download the APK from the computer. If you have found the APK that you want on the internet, make sure that the third-party can be downloaded. Then you can click Menu, then you can choose settings and then security and checklist the Unknown sources. If you have been downloading the APK that you want on your computer, then, you can connect your smartphone by choosing the “media device” it will make your smartphone can be connected as well. And the next step is you can find the android APK that you have been downloaded to your computer and copy it into the folder of a smartphone. Then you can find it on your smartphone and you can install it.

Mod ApkAre you the people that love play the game in your daily life? If you are the people who love playing the game, you should familiar with the Mod APK, isn’t it? Playing the game can be the alternative way for you to refresh your mind from the heavy jobs. Nowadays, you can find the game in any ways, you also can play the game in any kinds of device. So, what is Mod? What is APK? Here you will know about the Mod game. Let’s check this out!

The Meaning Of Mod Apk.

Some people may be very strange when listening to this word around them. If you are not the gamer, you may not listen to this word as your daily word, right? Both of you, the gamer or not the gamer, should know about this word, so you will not get difficult when sometimes, you find the new game, but you need to search the Mod APK. But, what is this? The Mod word is short of word modifications in the game world, it’s can mean as change or replace. The mod is the alternative way that the gamer can choose when they are feeling bored with their own game that installed on their device, like the smartphone. In the applications world, some people use this mode to get the paid application and change it become the free applications.

When this mod applies to your game, you also change the game that you play is, have no limit power, no limit money, no limit source, and other functions of the mod applications that you choose to install on your smartphone. There are many kinds of the mod applications for your game on your smartphone, and you should pass some process when you want to modifications your applications and game that you want. They are like decompile, disassembly, patching, and the last is recompile. That’s all about the Mod APK that you can know when to reading this article and thank you.

APKAPK is known as a format of the file that is used in an android system. If you have a smartphone that is work in the android operating system, you always see the format of this file, it is. You will always find this format file every time you operate your android although it is not clearly can be seen by you who just use your smartphone only to update your social media. However, if you are the one who knows about how the system in the device is working, you will see this kind of file.

You Need Apk Do Install The File

You use APK because you want to get one or more application to be installed on your smart device. Such as when you use your smartphone, you want to install one of the social media, as it is an application that must be downloaded before you can use it. After you are finish choosing one of some applications to be installed on your smartphone, now it is your time to download the application. However, although you have finished downloading the application, it is still not finished because you have to find the other file that is the package in the application. You can get this file from the android package file.

Without this, you will not finish downloading and you cannot start the application, the format of application file sometimes is found in the application or you have to search for the full package of the application that you need. It seems that your new application cannot be used as its usual function before you start the application file. However, sometimes the APK file also is found together with the application that you choose to download. It makes you will easily install the application because the file of. This file is finished to be downloaded at the same time you download the application because this. This file is available in the package of application.