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2018 Cars On

This is a list of cars which are expected to hit the market soon in 2018.

– Audi Q6: Many thought this Audi is hybrid-only model and expected to go on sale in 2018 market

– Audi Q8: an SUV with hybrid power settings

– Bentley ‘baby’ Bentayga: a new mid-sized car to rival Porsche Macan and can end up being the cheapest Bentley on the 2018 market.

– BMW 1 Series Sports Cross: This is a high-riding version of BMW 1 series. Expected to hit market soon in 2018

– BMW 3 series: This BMW is the latest G20 generation which should be unveiled in 2017 and hit the market next year. If you need more information, do not forget to visit

– BMW 8 Series: A luxurious BMW to rival the Mercedes S-Class and is predicted to go on the roads in 2018

– BMW i3 facelift: A more revised version of BMW i3 and it should be followed by i3S version in 2018

– BMW X2: Newest version of BMW X1 and will have a more appealing styling and probably goes on sale in 2018

– BMW X7: The newest SUV from BMW and will be aimed at the American market but still expected to arrive in 2018 market

– BMW Z5: Z4 replacement will share a similar chassis with the upcoming Toyota Supra

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