Monochrome For Your Bedroom Home Design

home designHave you ever see the monochrome color? As general, monochrome color is the combination of black and white color that have the square shape like a chess board. Decorate your bedroom with the monochrome color or properties will give you the new sensation when you sleep. So, what you can do to decorate your bedroom with the monochrome theme?

Monochrome Home Design For Your Bedroom

As one of the famous design that many people can apply to your bedroom, you can try the monochrome when you are getting bored with your old design of the bedroom. The monochrome design is the combination of the black and white color. You do not only apply it on your wallpaper, you also can apply it for your pillow and your bed cover, on your carpet, or choosing the color that has the black and white as your home design, especially for your bedroom. Actually, this color combination is not the color which tunes in nowadays, but it’s not bad if you want to have the new weather of your bedroom. For example, you can choose the wallpaper with the line that combination of the black and white line, it’s must not the square shape only. Besides the wallpaper, you also can use the monochrome color on your pillow and your bedcover like you can choose the white pillow and the black one, after that you should the bedcover that combination of two colors, like the black color for the outfit and white for the inside part.

After the wallpaper and the bedcover, you also can apply the monochrome style with the accessories of your bedroom, like the clock, the photos, the desk, the book self, and other properties that can organize on your bedroom. As the last touch, you also can combine the carpet of your bedroom with the black and white color, with the different pattern. You also can try the monochrome design as your exterior design with a little touch of black and white color. More many inspirational exterior home design you can visit Thank you for reading.