How To Maintain Your Wooden Furniture?

What are the material of your table, chair, and cabinet? When many homeowners prefer wood for their furniture material, learning about the right way to maintain wooden furniture is surely important. There is teak garden outdoor furniture outside your home while there is another wooden furniture like your oak dining table, your ebony long chair and others inside your home. So, how to maintain them?

Clean The Furniture Properly

In the first place, you need to clean your wooden furniture properly so that you can protect it better. To clean dust or dirt on your wooden furniture, you can simply apply warm water which is combined with mild dish soap. There is nothing wrong with using water to clean your wooden furniture as long as you do not soak the entire furniture with it. Use a paper towel or soft cloths to wipe off the dirt on its surface then let it dry.

Protect The Finish Of The Furniture

To make your teak garden outdoor furniture or other wooden furniture, it is also good to protect its finish after cleaning. You can apply soft paste wax, of course, the one with good quality on the surface. You only need a thin coat to apply just like the direction that you can see on its label. Wait a few minutes to see your wooden furniture shines beautifully again.

Avoid The Furniture From Sun

If you do not want your furniture to get bleach, it is better to keep it away from the direct sun exposure. It is because the direct sun exposure will not only bleach the furniture but also destroy it little by lithe through the time.

Those are several ways that you can take to maintain your wooden furniture. If you have outdoor furniture like teak garden outdoor furniture, you can consider providing indoor space to save it when there is extreme weather. That’s all!