How To Join Mywawavisit Contest

The sweepstake is a contest from mywawavisit. This contest has the prize of Wawa Gift Card with an amount of $100 or $250 in funds. You can use this card to purchase anything at Wawa convenient store and gas station. How to join the sweepstake? Actually, there is no rule to join the contests. The sweepstake is a free contest where you can enter this freely. All you have to do is just finish the survey from Wawa. The survey can be entered if you have the code from the receipt whenever you purchase something at Wawa store. For your information, the amount that you spend at Wawa store doesn’t affect the chance to win this contest.

Mywawavisit Sweepstake Facts

One receipt from Wawa store is only for one survey from mywawavisit and the entry of sweepstake. If you want to get higher chance to win the contest, you need to have more receipt. It means that you have to go to Wawa more often. This will lead you to able to join the contest for many times. When it times to the survey period, Wawa Company will decide only one winner for each state. Therefore, there will be 50 winners in total. Wawa will draw the sweepstake for each state randomly.

What is the reward of this contest? The reward for the contest will be different for each state. For example, in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, the winner of this draw will get Wawa Gift Card with the amount of $250 on it. But, if you are a Florida resident, you will get Wawa Gift Card with the amount of $100 only. The winner will be contacted by phone or e-mail from the company. Therefore, you need to add valid address and contact information just in case if you are the winner. Let’s join the mywawavisit contest!