Information About What Is Umrah /Hajj

how to perform umrah / hajj step by stepWhat is Umrah /Hajj? Umrah or hajj is a biggest Islamic worship or pilgrimage. There are slight different between Umrah or Hajj. Umrah is slightly easier. We can do it anytime of the years. Hajj is quite hard. We must do it at a certain time. We need to wait for queue of hajj before we can depart to Mecca. Usually after we booked the hajj package, we need to wait at least 2-3 years before we can really depart. So, hajj is a biggest achievement for every Muslim. Lot of Muslim dreamed about hajj and work hard to buy a hajj package. Departing to Mecca isn’t cheap and easy. There are lots of preparations we need to make. Both of Umrah or hajj isn’t easy trip, but it was the biggest dream for every Muslim.

The Difference Between Umrah And Hajj, And What Is Umrah /Hajj?

Are you curious about what is Umrah /hajj and what is the differences between them? There are slight different between umrah and hajj. We can do umrah anytime of the years. We can only do hajj in a certain time, dzulhijah month. This is the month of hajj, every Muslim from all around the world, gather at holy city of Mecca to perform the most sacred pilgrimages in Islamic religion. Hajj is must to do, but only if you have power or money to do it. We don’t have to do Umrah if we don’t want it and we don’t get any sins. The steps of performing hajj are more complicated and long.

In conclusion, what is umrah /hajj? They are the most sacred pilgrimage of the Islamic religion. We will visit the holiest building in Islamic, a building that had been the center of every Islamic pray, a building that is the home of mighty Allah, a building that built by prophet Ibrahim and his son. Both of umrah and hajj is a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca.