How To Create Custom Pillow

custom pillowNow that you decide to create your own custom pillow, you may start to wonder how to create one. In case you want to make it by your own hands, you may need to start by preparing for the materials to make the pillow. At this point, you should prepare for the filler as well as the case that is used to cover it later. When it comes to the filler, some materials such as Dacron, latex and cervical foam are quite common today. Then, how about the step to make it?

How To Create A Custom Pillow By Your Own

If you have prepared for the filler, all you need to do is making the pillowcase. This is the real job that you need to do when you want to make it by yourself. To make it looks unique; you must want to apply a unique design to the pillowcase. Since it is your custom pillow, there must be something that you want to apply to the design. For instance, since you love a cat very much, you can consider about printing a cat picture on the pillowcase. However, if you love floral pattern, you may like to find a floral pattern to apply or making simply felt flower pillow.

If you have had your design, you can start to realize it into the pillowcase. When you want to make it by yourself, you may need to take transfer paper that you can iron on the pillowcase later on. This one is simple, so it is possible to be done at home. If you are not sure about using transfer paper, you can think about using sewing method to create the pillow case. For instance, you can apply word stencil to be sewed on the pillowcase. That’s a little about how to make a custom pillow.