Choosing Vannamei Shrimp

Vannamei shrimp suppliers have many choices to offer. It can be confusing for some people. Especially if they rarely shop ingredient. So, for the first time, we will give you guidance on how to choose this type of shrimp. There are many types that you can choose with your needs.

Types Of Vannamei Shrimp

If you want to buy headless shrimp from vannamei shrimp suppliers since it is more convenient and healthier, you will meet shell-on and EZ-peel shrimp. The differences between these two are:

  1. Shell-on shrimp. This the kind of vannamei that we recommend for the first time. The shelled shrimp are often unappetizing for some people. They are also easy to crush. For someone who is on a budget, shell-on shrimp is great for them since the price is way cheaper than other types. How about the taste? Another good point from shell-on shrimp, the taste is great and sweet. If you want to have grilled shrimp as your meal, you can grill the shrimp with the shell on directly. You can also use the shell to add seasoning so your meal will look like the Spanish-style grilled shrimp.
  2. EZ-peel shrimp. This type is the type of shrimp that already split. The deveined shrimp can help you to prepare the ingredients much easier than shell-on shrimp. However, the price will be a little bit expensive than the shell-on one. You will get less control over this product. And some recipes don’t work well with EZ-peel shrimp. But this type of shrimp is good if you want to make shrimp dish where the appearance doesn’t matter such as dumpling. But if you care about the final product, you can skip this shrimp. Or you can peel them by yourself although it is inconvenient.

Whether you choose shell-on or EZ-peel shrimp, the choice is yours. The vannamei shrimp suppliers are able to supply them.