Tea is always an essential part of many countries. You can have a cup of tea in afternoon tea. You can feel calm when you drink a cup of tea. Your day become warmer despite the cold weather outside because of tea. Even in many Asian countries, the key to happiness, good health, and wisdom is tea! So, there are many benefits of drinking a cup of tea regularly. And there are several types of tea so you can choose anything for your day.

Different Tea, Different Benefits

There are many types of tea, each of them has their own benefits. Regardless of the type, tea can cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Find out the other benefits below.

  1. Green tea

This tea has been very popular in the recent years. Not just because it can help for those who are on diet but there are more benefits from green tea. The real benefit of green tea is that it is rich in antioxidants. Green tea’s antioxidants are very beneficial for our health. It can fight against stomachache, cancer, and lung disease. It can also help to burn fat and prevent clogging of the artery. Drinking green tea twice or thrice a day will help you to relieve the stress and prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

  1. Black tea

Compared with other teas, black tea contains the highest caffeine. If you are often exposed to cigarette smoke, you can drink a cup of black tea since it can help us to protect our lungs. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. White tea

As for white tea, this type of tea has the most potent anticancer properties which are very great for cancer patients.

There are more types of teas with more benefits too. But those three are the most common tea that drank by many people. Don’t forget male tea for today!

In some religion, seafood and all in the sea or ocean are allowed to eat. Then, you will find some researchers about how good seafood is for people. So, here I will give you the information about the nutrition overview from the seafood and how good it is for your body and health. Well, if you do not like seafood even you are allergic to it; you should check all about your condition and you can just add this info as your new knowledge only.

The Nutrition Overview of Seafood You Must Know

There are several good nutrition and vitamin in seafood. This is going to be good news for seafood lovers. Here is the nutrition:

  1. It is high in protein but low calories. Well, it is very good for you who need to lose fat.
  2. Contain Omega 3 fatty acid. This essential fatty acid is very needed by the human body and you can get it from the seafood.
  3. The fish is high in vitamins and mineral. You will find vitamin D, vitamin B-complex and vitamin A. Then, the fish have minerals such as zinc, selenium, iron, and iodine. You know how important those minerals are.

Then, how about the functions and benefits of consuming the seafood in your menu? You can see it below.

  1. The seafood is very good for your heart such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, protect heart attack and sudden death, and decrease the other bad things happen to heart such as heart arrhythmias, blood triglyceride level, increase good cholesterol and improve the circulation.
  2. It is very good for the brain as well: neurological development in infants.
  3. Seafood is good for eyes such as the development of eyes and retina nerve growth
  4. It also helps build muscles and the tissues.

Ok, those are several things about the good and nutrition of seafood for your body. So, eat more seafood for your body and all nutrition you need. Share this with your beloved people so they will know.

Congratulation if you just gave birth to your kids. I know it is very happy to have new kids or maybe it is your first kid. Well, some mothers feel fine with their big body after giving birth but some mothers need to get their old body back couple months after they gave birth. Ok, it is normal to always want to look beautiful in front of your husband and yourself. It is not about how people look at you, isn’t it, mom?

How to Get Your Normal Weight after Gave Birth

Maybe people will think giving birth is painful and your big body will never be gone. You can prove them wrong and be the old beautiful you. However, it does not mean the women who gave birth with the big body is not beautiful; they are beautiful but sometimes they feel uncomfortable because they cannot wear their old sexy dress or be active again. Normal weight can make the body more active. Ok, here are the ways:

  1. Exercise in normal portion. You can exercise in the middle of your activities but not too much because you need your energy for your baby and the whole mother activities.
  2. Eat healthy as you and your baby need for breastfeeding. It is very good to eat healthy food. You can choose the menu that will be good for you and your baby.
  3. Be patient until your baby become 2 years old

Ok, if you think to wait for the process until the kid is 2 too long; you should remember how hard to get back your body when your baby is needing the best nutrition from your milk. You can still do the exercise and be active to lose the fat little by little every day and be patient. Then, you will get your old body without waiting until 2 years.

Coughing is really annoying. Sometimes, you can’t talk for a while and you can’t eat comfortably during coughing. Below are self-care tips for a cough besides taking medicine.

Tips to Cure a Cough

You can cure a cough by yourself if you want to follow these self-care tips below. Check this out!

  1. Sometimes during a cough, you will also encounter a stuffy and runny nose. This can happen since the mucous dripping down to the back of your throat. If this happens to you, you can take a decongestant. This will open the nasal passages. Moreover, this medicine will cure the postnasal drip.
  2. Do you know that increase the humidity in your room will help relieve your cough? Your bedroom should have the decent humidity so your cough will be cured. You can increase the humidity in your room by using a vaporizer. You can also take a shower before bedtime.
  3. If you want to take decongestants such as pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine, or maybe you want to take the combination of these two, you can buy it at the drugstore. However, if your children have a cough, it’s better to not give them to a child under 6 years old. If you have high blood pressure, you need to talk to your doctor first.
  4. If your cough caused by allergy, you need to avoid the allergen that can cause your allergy. Severe postnasal drip caused by an allergy. You can also take a steroid nasal spray or anti-histamines.
  5. A dry cough is also annoying. Sometimes you can lose your voice. To cure a dry cough, you can suck on cough pill.
  6. Whenever you have a cough, you need to drink extra water or lemon water or anything that have citrus in it. The fluids will help to relieve the secretions.

That’s how you cure a cough. But if your cough becomes severe after 3 days, you need to check with the doctor.

While choosing the right skincare product for rosacea, it’s better if you taking care of your skin with essential oils for rosacea. This oil can be used to cleanse and nourish your skin. The visible symptoms of rosacea can be reduced with essential oils. Rosacea is a skin disease which causes acne-like breakout, painful swelling, redness, cysts, and bumpy texture on your face. Some people don’t realize that they have rosacea since the symptoms are just regular acne or food allergy. But you have to be more aware of rosacea since it can destroy your skin. You can use natural remedy which is essential oils that you can found them in many places. Our recommendation is:

Best Essential Oils For Rosacea

One of the best essential oils for rosacea is lavender. This purple flower is known to help people with sleeping trouble, but you can also use it to treat your rosacea. The lavender shrub will be extracted to get the lavender essential oil. Lavender oil is also one of the most popular essential oils. Lavender contains antiseptic and antibiotic properties which are good to treat infected, irritated, and inflamed skin such as rosacea skin. The effects of using lavender oil are your skin will be healthier and clearer. Lavender oil works great for oily skin since it can be used as a facial toner.

The next essential oil is thyme. The thyme herb is used for many different uses since a long time ago. This time, you can use it to treat your rosacea. Similar to lavender oil, thyme oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The painful swelling can be relived with this oil. If you have a scar, this oil can work great too to heal it. The oil also is known to have a calming effect and it can heal burn and redness. For more essentials oils for rosacea, visit

Are you a user of Aloe Vera gel? Yeah, this gel is very useful and good for every inch of your body. Even the plant can be eaten if you know how. There are many beverages products that use this Aloe Vera as the main ingredients as well. By the way, I will tell you several ways of using Aloe Vera gel for your body. I wish you will love it and you will share this tips with your friends as well. See the tips below.

Several Beauty and Healthy Tips Using Aloe Vera Gel

You know this gel is very refreshing and also comfortable to use on your skin. You can use for beauty purpose or even the health purpose. You even can use it as the tools of making your skin brighter and younger when applying makeup. How?

  1. You can use this Aloe Vera as your daily skincare routine. You can apply the gel on your skin on face or your other part of body skin. You can use it after you take a bath or before you are going to sleep.
  2. Then, you can use this Aloe Vera gel as your first aid of any insect bites. This gel will help you calm the skin and make it better and heal soon.
  3. You also can use the Aloe Vera gel for your first aid of sunburn.
  4. Use this Aloe Vera as your nails treat. It will make your nails healthy and beautiful if you use it routinely.

Well, those are several ways of using the Aloe Vera gel. Some people even use the gel as the masker or as the mixing of cosmetic. You can do the same as those people or you can be more creative and make the Aloe Vera gel in your refrigerator more useful for your health and beauty.

There are many types of home remedy you can try to make. Home remedy is one of the best options to treat your body or cure anything wrong with your body. It can be natural ways or curing some diseases. If you love to use home remedy as your body treatment or cure; you should know how to make or create your own home remedy. There are several DIY of home remedies you should know related to a body treatment. You can read the several information as follow.

Do It Yourself Home Remedy Body Treatments

Do you know about Vaseline, right? It is good for beauty treatments; especially skin and hair. You can create your own home remedy of body treatments with it. You can mix the Vaseline petroleum jelly with milk or aloe Vera gel for making the good masker for the face. You can heal the acne or other face skin problems. Then, you can mix the petroleum jelly with other ingredients such as lemon for masker too. Then, do you need to grow your eyebrows and eyelashes? You can use the petroleum jelly to every night before you sleep. By the way, do you like using make up for your daily look? You will look better with healthy skin if you use the aloe Vera gel as the primer or setting spray.

You will see how the aloe Vera and Vaseline petroleum jelly will be very good for your skin, your hair, lips and so on. You just need to be more creative in mixing the ingredients and make your own home remedy. So, that is it. You may find out more recipe to make the home remedy such as turmeric for healthy stomach and skin. It is very good. Thus, that is all the information for you about skin treatment home remedy.

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, it shows that there are few adults who lead a healthy lifestyle. In America, there are only 3 percent adults that fit the perfect criteria for a healthy lifestyle. So, if you think that you have a healthy lifestyle, then you can be wrong. You’re not smoking and drinking, but you don’t exercise. It means that you don’t fulfill the criteria of a healthy life. There are many people who think that they already maintain their health well. In fact, only a few of us who manage that. So, how to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

The first tip which often skips by many people is getting a good sleep. Stay awake at night is not good for your body. Everyone needs to have a good night’s rest. You should sleep at least 6 hours per day. If you sleep less, you will be stress, sick, and your skin will be dull.  The next is don’t skip family meals. Breakfast, or lunch, or dinner with your family can be a good thing to do. You can eat a nutritious meal. You can also have a quality time with your family. Bonding time with a family is a great aspect in a healthy lifestyle. Talk with someone close such as family can relieve your stress.

Not only your body that should be healthy, but your mind should be healthy too. Smile and laugh are very essential in someone’s life. Pray and meditate will calm your mind. You can meditate for 10 minutes every day. It will make you think clearer and it will reduce negative vibes in your soul. You can also try yoga. It will help you to relax your body as well as improve flexibility and balance. The last thing is by having positive vibes. Have a good day!

So, you are tired of those bed bugs that bite you every time you sleep? At this point, you just need to get rid of those bugs and be free from any problem that occurs because of the bugs. It is no secret that having this animal at home is surely annoying. It is not only that we become the victim as the prey of the animal. The dirty trace that is left by the bugs is also disturbing because it is very difficult to clean when the bug left blood or another trace on our linen.

Best Ways To Get Rid Bed Bugs

Considering all those bad things that can happen because of this animal, you may really want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Luckily, there are some ways that you can do when you want to remove this animal from your home completely. To get rid of bed bugs, you can first decrease clutter around your home. In this case, you can keep away something like soft toys, stuffed animals and even blankets that may become the place for the bugs to infest itself. You can try to pack it on a bag of plastic to make sure that there will be no bugs infest itself to the items.

Then, you can also launder infested linens and garments. Now that you found there are bugs on your linens or garments, you must launder it. Since it is not effective to treat the linen and garment by using an insecticide, you must try to launder it in hot water which is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is not available, you can also try to heat the linen and garment in the clothes dryer for several minutes. That’s all some ways to get rid of bed bugs.

Health care

Do you have a pet? If you do, it is a good of you. You will have good mental and mind by taking care a pet. Some researchers said the pet can be a good way to heal your sadness and stress. However, you should know that having a pet will give you more responsibilities now and in the future. You should know that living with a sick pet will make you sick too. Then, how to take care the pet well and not making your body sick too? See the tips below.

How To Take Care Your Pet’s Health And Yours?

How many pets do you like and what is it? If you do not have time for pets, you better do not adopt too many of them. You should be responsible for your pet and you will need to take care of them every day. The first thing you should do is the keep the clean and hygiene of the pet. You can bath your pet every three days or every week but not every day of it is a cat or dog. If you have a turtle or other pet, maybe the bathing will be different. Then, you should give the pet vaccine in order to any dangerous disease attack the pet without your knowing. Some cases of pet diseases, the human can get the same diseases too. So, be careful.

Furthermore, you should give the pet best home with clean atmosphere. You also can visit the doctor to make sure about it. So, do you know how to take care your pet now, don’t you? You should not forget that the pet is part of your family now. You should take care of him or her well like you treat your family. Thus, that is all. Love yourself by loving your pet.

Health life

Many people believe that the sign of healthy skin is by taking care of your skin by using skin care. There are also many products that claim to give the best result to your skin. But, do you know that you can make your skin glowing even without using them on your skin? In this case, you can do some regular, basic things to make your skin glow. This will not only help you in being beautiful and fresh but also healthy. So, you will get more than just one thing by applying this healthy living tips.

Easy Life Style For Beauty And Health

When it comes to you to choose your lifestyle, you will need to choose to control your meal first. In this case, you have to make half of your plate to be steamed, if you can’t stand eating the fresh and raw foods. You can steam vegetables like broccoli or carrot to keep your body nourished with vitamins. You have to also say goodbye to dairy products, such as milk and cheese. Milk and cheese are popular among the people to cause some skin problems, especially acne. You will also need to cut your sugar intake. Say goodbye to your favorite cakes and be ready for eating clean.

If you want something more delicious, you can consume nuts and seed. This is good for your health and it contains fat that will make your skin glow beautifully. If you want to eat steak, don’t hesitate to grab your fish steak. Therefore, you will be really happy when you consume the steak which is delicious and savory. You can also change the way you start your day. Drink lemon or lime water instead of coffee. This will help your skin to be rejuvenated and your skin will appear brighter.

Health tips

We’ve been told more than a thousand times that exercise is good for our bodies. Indeed, it’s true. However, exercise regularly is more than that. It’s not about losing weight or building muscle anymore. Or maybe something related to the body. There are reasons why people need to exercise. And those reasons are beneficial for their body and mind.

3 Benefits Of Exercise

There are 3 other benefits that you can get when you exercise regularly. What are those benefits? Check this out!

  1. Good posture

Good posture does important for our bodies. One about the best and easiest way to make your posture is by exercising regularly. Exercise some muscles that hold your back. The most common posture problems that people have is from the back. So, you need to work out on your muscles and help fix them. Exercise regularly your back, abs, and other muscles can be a good way to fix your posture for both standing and sitting.

  1. Good sleep

Whenever you have trouble falling asleep night, try to exercise the next morning. A research from the National Sleep Foundation said that exercise regularly can help you to have a good sleep. The best time to work out is in the morning such as jogging or walking for 30 minutes. You can also exercise in the afternoon. It’s best to not exercise before bed since it can have the opposite effect.

  1. Get more energy

Although exercise can drain your energy but exercise regularly can actually get you more energy and you can feel energetic throughout the day. A study found that if you exercise in the middle of the day, it can make you feel productive and energetic for the rest of your day.

With these benefits, they can keep you alive longer. It’s not good when you just sitting all day long. No need to do hard exercise works. Just doing what you enjoy the most. You need to exercise just a little bit to have a healthy life!

cystic acne home remedy

Acne is one of the biggest problems with skin. There are so many types of acne that may appear on your skin, one of them is cystic acne. In that situation, you will need a cystic acne home remedy as soon as possible. The main factor of cystic acne is hormonal change stimulated sebum production in the skin. On the other hand, the using greasy cosmetics, chemicals, certain drugs, and excessive sweating or humidity leads to cystic acne.

How To Do Cystic Acne Home Remedy

Besides using antiseptic and acne cleanser, you can also use some ingredients to get rid of cystic acne. Actually, you can use some of the ingredients at home which contain anti-inflammatory. For the first attempt, you can try to use tea tree oil. However, some people may have allergic to tea tree oil so you have to test it before using it as cystic acne home remedy. Tea tree oil is effectively unblocking disinfect pores, sebaceous glands and also let the acne dry out. To use tree tea oil for acne remedy, you can drop 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil on cotton oil. Dab it on your affected area gently. Let it for some hours or overnight.

On the other hand, you can also use lavender oil as a remedy for cystic acne. The lavender oil will help to reduce pain and inflammation. Moreover, it will also help to prevent some scar appeared after acne. If you find first sign of acne, you can dab the lavender oil two to three times a day so there will be no acne appear. Besides, you can also use lavender oil as you cleanse to reduce cystic acne. If you want more remedy for cystic acne, you can visit that contains so many tips for acne remedy.

Health lifeIt is safe to say that many people love to have an alcoholic beverage at one time and another. However, they may hesitate to drink alcoholic beverage because they think about the health effect that is given by this beverage for them. Actually, it is not entirely wrong because there are some alcoholic beverages that can be beneficial for our health. Are you curious about what are they and how come it can be useful for our health? Let’s check this out to learn more about this notion.

Alcoholic Beverage That May Good for Your Health

Let’s begin from beer. Made of starches fermentation, beer is actually one of the alcoholic beverages that are very old since it has been available for a long time. Generally, this beverage is not considered healthy because it offers high calories. However, we cannot deny that beer also offers something like potassium, vitamin and also magnesium. In this case, it depends on the way it is brewed. It can be a high nutrient beverage. Then, there is also wine. Most wines are known to offer the benefit of antioxidants, tannins and also phytochemicals which are available thanks to the skin of the grapes used in the fermentation process.

When we are talking about wine, there are some useful benefits that we can get them from the beverages. In this case, it is said that wine is able to lower our risk toward several health diseases including stress, cancer, and others. Then, there is also cider which is reported to offer a high amount of antioxidant because it is mainly produced by apple fermentation. When it seems like all of that alcoholic beverages are good for your health, you must remember that it will be healthy for you when you have it in moderation. So, you should not drink excessive alcoholic beverage when you want to get it’s most health benefits.

Health careYou know it is not your business to know other people duty but the duty of health care such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, midwife, and pediatrician and so on is the important thing you should know. You will very need it because you cannot just visit them and consult with them without knowing anything about them. You will get the wrong ideas about the health care and it is dangerous for you. Why? Maybe there will be not trusted health care that will give you wrong treatment. Ok, read more info below.

Why You Should Recognize the Health Care Duty

People get injured and need caring every day but not every people. You surely do not want any dishonest health care to touch your body, do you? That is why you need to know them and whether they have any permission to give you the treatment. It will be very essential; especially, if you visit them and see the doctor for every six months to check up your health. You cannot risk your life by checking up your body with the wrong doctor. Ok, do you think you know your doctor? You should check the information of the health care duty now in the different sources. It will really help you.

Many people do not care about the duty of the health care they visit as long as they use the white coat like the other health care. Anyone can buy that kind of coat, you should know that. You even can have one if you want. However, it will be breaking the law because you are not the doctor, nurse or other healthcare. Well, that is it. I wish you will be smarter now to know the duty of your doctor, dentist, and others. Ok, that is all. I wish you always healthy.