If you’re a job seeker, you might be afraid of getting your first job application. Actually, this is a normal thing for every newbie. But, not everyone can accept this. In fact, you can choose some printable job application that will be suitable for your need. Choosing the best job application template is really great. This will be a reference for you, so you can consider choosing them over anything. The use of the template will also be a great deal for your need. Therefore, here are some things to do when you want to impress the employers’ attention.

Easy Tips For New Jobseeker

Being a new jobseeker is something you want to be over from. Getting over the struggle of choosing and applying for the new jobs is really a great deal for you. Therefore, here are some tips for impressing the employers.

  1. Choose the best template for a printable job application. The files are available online, so you can be easier in choosing them for your need. The files can be suited to your preference. So, don’t be afraid of finding the best.
  2. Make sure you use the best wording. Some companies are appreciating the candidates who are great in choosing their words. You can learn how to be professional in using the word and creating sentences. Therefore, you’ll experience the best.
  3. Be brief but clear. Don’t overdo the words or sentence. Make the straight sentences for your application. Thus, you’ll get them to be an effective job application. Be ready with anything related to the job application. Thus, you’ll get your dream job.

We’re sure that by presenting yourself as a professional candidate you’ll be able in finding the best for you. When it comes to choosing for the best job seeking application, you can choose the printable job application!

Business in culinary field is one of the most prestigious ones. However, you have to choose the out-of-the-box culinary business so it will grow easily. Nowadays, you cannot take much attention when you cannot bring the attractive menu and concept to high creativity. For the best recommendation, you can try to get the healthy menu as the main concept for your restaurant. One of the best choices is seaweed. In Asia, you can easily find seaweed production like in Indonesia seaweed suppliers. So, it must be a great chance since you will never get lost in the stock.

Easy Tips To Get Find The Best Seaweed Suppliers

If you want to run business in culinary especially with seaweed as the main menu, so you have to find the best suppliers. You cannot take seaweed randomly from random stores or suppliers. You have to find the best suppliers which produce high-quality seaweed. As the recommendation, you can start to get seaweed supply from some Indonesia seaweed suppliers. So, here are some tips on how to find the most credible seaweed suppliers:

  1. Find Seaweed Suppliers As Much As You Can

For the first step to get the best one, you have to find suppliers as much as you can. You can look for the seaweed supplier trough online or recommendation. Then, gather all the information as you can. You can decide three to five of them.


  1. Get the Testimonies of Each Supplier

After getting some name of suppliers, you can start to compile more information about each supplier. You can take it from testimonies or recommendation from others consumers. You can see whether the suppliers are good or not.


  1. Check the Quality of Product

To get the best Indonesia seaweed suppliers, you have to check the quality of their products. Try to get the sample for further analysis.

Seaweed is a kind of vegetation, that lives under the sea floor. Seaweed has very versatile use, not only for consumption, but there are also other several uses, like cosmetics, fish foods, fish tank decorations, and many more. Dried seaweed powder currently become quite popular, as this is one of the important components for many seafood dishes, especially Japanese dishes like Ramen, Sushi, and many more. Seaweed powder is tasty, they are salty, and carry the taste of the ocean, while not carrying the stinking, and smelly fish smells and taste. To get your seaweed powder, you can order for its online, or you can just go to a local retailer and some general store. Seaweed powder can give you the taste of the sea in your stopple of rice, made a very good topping for pizza, and many more. Well, if you want to know other users of this versatile seafood products, then here are some example of a simple use of seaweed powder.

The Uses And Functions Of Dried Seaweed Powder

Dried seaweed powder is mostly used for consumption and culinary use. They can serve as excellent toppings, give you some tasty, distinct saltiness, and gives you the taste of ocean without stinking your dish with smelly and slimy fish. They also made good toppings for many dishes, like ramen, pizza, katsudon, and many more. It provides tasty, crunchy feature of dried seaweed, while also giving tasty saltiness. It can also give you huge health benefits, like a lot of calcium, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and full of useful minerals like iron, selenium, magnesium and etc.

Seaweed powder is also used in some kind of cosmetics, like lipstick, and lip gloss. Seaweed powder can also be used for the fish foods, but that’s it only alternatives, as the price for them is quite high. If you want to order for the best and freshest seaweed, with online order and delivery, then you can contact us at

Now that you have frozen shrimp in your refrigerator, you may start to wonder what kind of recipe that you can cook by using frozen shrimp as the main ingredient. At home, you may have Indonesia giant tiger shrimp or other types of shrimp. Whatever the kind is, here are some recipes that you can make using frozen shrimp.

Shrimp And Broccoli Fry

For the first recipe, we are going to make easy shrimp and broccoli fry. This one is very easy since you just need to stir-fry the ingredients over medium heat and you are able to serve this delicious shrimp on the table. You can use shrimp without a head that is small for making this shrimp. You can add chia seed and spring onion to make it more delicious.

Thai Shrimp Soup

If you love to cook soup, this recipe will be an excellent choice for you. If you have Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, you can still make Thai shrimp soup. However, it is better to use the small one. For the soup, you may need additional ingredient some as mushroom and more. However, it is surely your choice whether to use it or not.

Shrimp Fried Rice

Another simple recipe that you can try is shrimp fried rice. It is surely an easy, quick menu that is suitable for you who have not got enough carbohydrate for today. You can simply add your shrimp to your fried rice and you will have your delicious shrimp fried rice later on. Don’t forget to add vegetables like paprika, beans and other to make it healthier.

Those are several recipes that we can cook by ourselves. The recipes offered here are very easy and you can simply try and do experiment with shrimp. In case you need an option of shrimp which is firm in texture, you should not forget tiger shrimp. When it comes to tiger shrimp, we should not forget to visit

Since a long time ago, we know that seafood is a great food for people health of all ages.  That is why it is important for you to add seafood like shrimp in your daily menu. Moreover, for your information, there are some shrimp products and dried one has been easy to be got now. With Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers nowadays, indeed you are easier to get the products. Even you can order the dried shrimp both online and offline. Nonetheless, do you know how to choose the dried products of shrimp?

Since dried shrimp becomes the favorite food chosen by people, it is a good idea for you to know about dried shrimp suppliers. In this case, you cannot choose the supplier of dried shrimp without any consideration. That is why there are some things you need to be considered first.

Consideration To Choose Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers

For the first thing, you need to think about before choosing Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers is the quality of the products. Of course, the quality of dried shrimp should be the most important thing here since you should choose the best quality one. If you don’t choose such a high quality dried shrimp, you will not get delicious and tasty shrimp for your dish.

The second thing that has to be considered is the service offered by the suppliers. The service here indeed will be so crucial, for instance, is the service of giving various information relating to the products offered. Of course with the best service offered you can get the best products of dried shrimp.

Moreover, the price of the dried shrimp comes to be another important thing too.  Indeed, you will choose the cheapest one but you should still think about their quality. You don’t choose the cheapest shrimp as long as it has a bad quality.  In another word,  you have to check the price from Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers before buying the products.

When you love to eat shrimps or prawns, you might have the intention to raise those animals by your own hands. Of course, prawns belong to shrimps and those two species or shrimps are also having the similarity of the raising procedure. You might easily to find the prawn and shrimp in any Indonesia Freshwater Prawn Suppliers, but it is not a sin if you want to raise it by yourself, since raising the prawn or shrimp is not a difficult thing. Do you want to know some important things related to it?

Raising Prawns In Your Home

When you want to raise your prawn or shrimp, you can do it with the freshwater, since you can find some species of shrimps that live in freshwater. That is why you can find many Indonesia Freshwater Prawn Suppliers. When you have the intention to be a supplier of freshwater prawn and shrimp, you can make ponds to grow your shrimp there. It will help you to increase the number of prawn or shrimp that you raise. Not only in the ponds, actually, you also can use tanks to raise the prawn. However, if you decide to only raise it in small number, you better to find another solution about the media where you will raise your prawns and shrimps.

You might still do not know about it, but many people raise their prawns and shrimps in the aquarium and make it as one of their home’s decoration property. You also can do the same thing with them. You can raise the shrimps in the aquarium and put your aquarium in the corner of your home to make your home becomes prettier. Especially, when you choose the prawns and shrimps in a different color, it will make your aquarium becomes beautiful. You also can get the shrimp or prawn to raise from Indonesia Freshwater Prawn Suppliers.

Carrageenan isolation procedures of various seaweed have been widely developed and done by Kappa carrageenan manufacturers. Generally, this procedure consists of three stages of work namely; extraction, filtration, and precipitation. At the extraction stage, the velocity and solubility of carrageenan in water are affected by the temperature and timing of the joining process of all the carrageenan fractions of the seaweed with the water fraction used as the solvent medium. Carrageenan treatment is still rarely done because it has not been widely known fishermen. Basically, this process is almost the same as the gelatin processing, for example, at the time of extraction of the material used instead of the type of acid but the base type.

Process Of Making Carrageenan

Here are several steps that done by Kappa carrageenan manufacturers to make the carrageenan:

  1. Seaweed is soaked in fresh water for 12-24 hours, then rinsed and drained.
  2. After clean, the seaweed is boiled in water with the ratio of seaweed with water at least 1:15, at a temperature of 120 C for 15 minutes. Boil using a pressure cooker. Further boiling without boiling at 100 ° C for 2-3 hours.
  3. Seaweed is softened with a blender and added hot water (90 C). The comparison is 1:30. The result is filtered with a fine gauze.
  4. The filtrate is precipitated by adding methyl alcohol at a ratio of 2.5: 1, it can also add 90% alcohol, or freeze it at a temperature of 10 C – 6 ° C for 24-48 hours.
  5. The alcohol-mixed sediment is filtered with gauze. The results of this filter in the form of wet carrageenan. The frozen filtrate is thawed first for further filtering. The wet carrageenan is dried for 3-4 days.

Carrageenan flour can be obtained after the milling process. Those are the steps taken by Kappa Carrageenan Manufacturers in producing carrageenan. Those are information on how to make practical seaweed carrageenan’s. Hope this can be a reference for you if you want to process and produce processed seaweed alone because, in addition to having a lot of nutritional value, processed seaweed products also have a high enough selling value and many consumers in the market so that it can become seaweed business opportunities for you

Milkfish is one of the cheapest sea fish you can get, plentiful supply in the sea, and plentiful of them in supermarket or grocery store. Milkfish is really easy to get, very cheap, yet the demand for them is pretty high, always high. This makes many milk fish suppliers reaping their benefits. Milkfish doesn’t have good value in the market, since the supply for them is pretty easy to get, and there is nothing special about this fish. The only special things about this little milkfish from the sea is, that because this fish is plentiful, pretty easy to get on the market, and the supply for them is rarely empty, that’s why milkfish price is actually pretty cheap. Yet, milkfish is an awesome fish that can be purchased at a very cheap price, but give us very interesting benefits, like delicious meat, and also wonderful nutrition.

Looking For The Best Milk Fish Suppliers To Help Your Business?

If you are looking for the best milkfish factory, then you have come to the right place, because, we are one of the best Indonesia milk fish suppliers that happily give you all of our freshest milkfish at the cheapest and the most reasonable price. Our milkfish comes directly from the sea of proud Indonesia, and all of our fish are guaranteed to freshly caught, and well preserved. All of our milkfish can be send to you directly to your doorstep, at the discounted price, and we guaranteed the freshness of our fish until it comes right to your doorstep. If you want the top quality of milkfish that you can’t get elsewhere on the market, then you will need our help.

We can sort you out for the best quality of milkfish, and we can happily accept your partnership, and request for a job. Well, if you are curious about our sea fish suppliers business, then you can come to our website here in

Vannamei shrimp suppliers have many choices to offer. It can be confusing for some people. Especially if they rarely shop ingredient. So, for the first time, we will give you guidance on how to choose this type of shrimp. There are many types that you can choose with your needs.

Types Of Vannamei Shrimp

If you want to buy headless shrimp from vannamei shrimp suppliers since it is more convenient and healthier, you will meet shell-on and EZ-peel shrimp. The differences between these two are:

  1. Shell-on shrimp. This the kind of vannamei that we recommend for the first time. The shelled shrimp are often unappetizing for some people. They are also easy to crush. For someone who is on a budget, shell-on shrimp is great for them since the price is way cheaper than other types. How about the taste? Another good point from shell-on shrimp, the taste is great and sweet. If you want to have grilled shrimp as your meal, you can grill the shrimp with the shell on directly. You can also use the shell to add seasoning so your meal will look like the Spanish-style grilled shrimp.
  2. EZ-peel shrimp. This type is the type of shrimp that already split. The deveined shrimp can help you to prepare the ingredients much easier than shell-on shrimp. However, the price will be a little bit expensive than the shell-on one. You will get less control over this product. And some recipes don’t work well with EZ-peel shrimp. But this type of shrimp is good if you want to make shrimp dish where the appearance doesn’t matter such as dumpling. But if you care about the final product, you can skip this shrimp. Or you can peel them by yourself although it is inconvenient.

Whether you choose shell-on or EZ-peel shrimp, the choice is yours. The vannamei shrimp suppliers are able to supply them.

Nowadays, you can get easy to find something you need. You just have to use your advanced technology to help you find further information for what you need. In this technology era, almost all of the businesses like suppliers, factories, and much more which have the website to promote their own business. By using the website as their field to promote their products or services, they can get more customers from around the world. Thus, if you have the business, don’t forget to make your own website. You can find a various business website which you can find on the internet starts from the garment business until the dried Catfish suppliers.

How To Find The Trusted Suppliers?

If you need the dried Catfish suppliers, you just have to find them on the website. There are many websites which you can find and only some of them are the first hand or we can say it as the first suppliers. You just have to choose one of those suppliers which can be the best business partner for your business. Actually, if you want to get the trusted supplier, there is one simple way to get it which is asking the people around you to get the recommendation for the supplier itself.

Asking People To Get Recommendation

In this case, you can ask people around you to give you some recommendations to get the trusted suppliers that they know. Perhaps they can give you the recommendation and you can contact them directly to get the best deal for it. You also should know that before making a deal with them make sure you know the price and services that you can get from the supplier itself. Thus, you can ask the recommendation from the people around you to get the trusted supplier for your business or visit our website

Catfish Indonesia can be found everywhere. You can found them in pond, river, lake, or reservoir. However, the river will provide you a unique fishing experience. If you want to catch catfish in a river, there will be its own guidelines that you have to follow. Everything will determine your catch.

Tips To Catch Catfish Indonesia In A River

You can catch catfish Indonesia near debris or from the bank. Each place has a different method. You can choose whatever method that suits you the best.

  1. Fish near Debris

This fish likes to hide among branches and sometimes a dead tree. Even they can also hide perfectly in rocks and other places which can cover them. They tend to live near debris since it can bring them more food and more protection. If you want to catch them near debris, you need to cast your line upstream from the debris and to down. This way is necessary in order to make the bait’s smell sensed by the catfish.

  1. Fish from the Bank

When you want to catch the fish from the bank, it means that you will eliminate the need for a boat. Moreover, the problems that come along with the need of boat will also be eliminated. And then you will face another problem since you will fish on the bank. It is quite difficult to find a spot near the fishing site. However, the sound of the motor can scare the fish so your chance of fishing will be lower. A boat may not be able to access certain areas of the debris. But if you choose to fish on the bank, there are more spots that are easier to be accessed.

That’s our tips to catch catfish Indonesia on the debris and on the bank. Don’t forget to have a good quality of fishing equipment since they can determine the result of your fishing.

Milkfish is a promising marine commodity, especially in Indonesia, and has begun to be cultivated in ponds. This fish has a chewy texture and taste and has a distinctive flavor. Milkfish froze sometimes become inferior, because of losing prestige with salmon, which actually has a nutrient content that is not much different. Commonly sold as milkfish frozen packed, the fish has some nutrients that are good for the health of the body, just like the nutrient content found in other types of saltwater fish, including salmon and tuna. Like the benefits of fish in general, milkfish also has a million benefits.

The Diseases Milkfish Can Prevent

In addition to containing many nutrients and nutrients, milkfish is also believed to prevent various diseases. One of them is coronary heart disease. Milkfish is presumed to prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease in our body. Therefore, it is recommended for those of you who want to avoid and prevent coronary heart disease is to consume milkfish frozen cooked regularly. In addition to preventing coronary heart disease, milkfish is also believed to reduce your body’s risk of experiencing high blood pressure or hypertension. Just as already mentioned, to reduce the risk of hypertension, it is advisable to process fish in a way boiled, and not fried.

Having a high content of unsaturated fats, milkfish can help balance cholesterol levels in the blood. This unsaturated fat content can balance and reduce the content of bad fats and bad cholesterol that is in your body. As it has been known that excessive cholesterol levels in the body can cause various diseases. Cholesterol contained in the body can clog the blood vessels, so blood circulation becomes not smooth, and consequently, it can lead to severe diseases such as stroke and heart disease. So, consuming milkfish is very good for your health. If you want to purchase some milkfish, you can visit

Looking for a fresh milkfish for your restaurant? Looking for the big sized milkfish, freshly fished from the ocean, or the frozen meat of milkfish, and you are looking for the huge amount of them? then you have come to the right place. We are trusted and reliable fresh milkfish suppliers, ready to deliver you the freshest milkfish meat you have ever seen. Our milkfish is freshly fished from the ocean, and very well preserved. If you want to order for a long time, and order for a huge amount of milkfish meat, then you have come to the right place. Want a milkfish loin, milkfish head, canned milkfish, or even one bulging whole milkfish fish? We can cut them for you, deliver you in their freshest state, and bring you the freshest and coldest milkfish met you have ever seen. We offer partnership, and also delivery here, and you can contact us online.

We Are Trusted Fresh Milkfish Suppliers That Provides Freshest Milkfish Meat

In this year, fresh milkfish are sought after, and the demands for fresh milkfish are overwhelming. Demand for fresh milkfish usually comes from a seafood restaurant, and Japan restaurant, where they use a lot of milkfish on their foods. Milkfish plays important role in seafood dishes.

Fresh milkfish can have delicate meat, very delicious to eat, and if you cook it well, it can be the best seafood you have ever eat. Milkfish also a big fish, which means they have a lot of fatty meat, juicy, and delicious, which is why milkfish price is also very high. If you want fresh milkfish meat, then contact us, the fresh milkfish suppliers. The demand for fresh milkfish are growing, yet the supply for fresh milkfish isn’t growing, even decreasing from time to time. This will make the price for milkfish will sky high, but don’t worry. We can give you the economic and reasonable price, here only in

Cooking the horse mackerel frozen fish might be challenging, as it has different meat texture. The fishes are easier to damage and it means you have to be really careful when cooking it. But, you have to also know how to find the best one before you cook them. Choosing the horse mackerel frozen will be fun and you will get it as your perfect thing to have. In this case, when you want to buy fishes, you will have to choose between two options, whether you want to choose the fresh or the frozen one. Finding the best fish with the best quality will also improve your cooking taste.

Frozen Fish For Cooking, Why Not?

Although there are some people who are pessimistic about cooking the frozen fish, you can still choose it, due to its easiness. If you live in a city far from the ocean, you will need to get the frozen one if you want to cook the fish. In this case, of course, you want to get the best fish grade so you can still feel the freshness and its tender meat. The frozen fishes are usually packed in the plastic wrap which has been vacuumed before it is shipped to your city. Some fishes are also displayed with ice cubes to maintain its freshness. In this case, if you want to get horse mackerel frozen, there are also the frozen version for you.

To get the best-frozen mackerels, you can choose the best thing as you can see its body. Just like the fresh ones, the frozen fishes should have the bright eyes and shiny flesh. You have to also check its eyes since the fish’ eyes will indicate the freshness of the fish. You can choose a fish which is cooked fresh as by finding those signs it means that your horse mackerel frozen fishes are just caught when it is getting frozen.

Cooking tuna is one of the best ideas for your breakfast or dinner menu. For the easy one, you can choose tuna loin Indonesia. Why must be tuna loin? Different from frozen tuna or canned tuna, tuna loin is easy to handle before cooking it well. Since tuna loin is boneless, you do not need to take a long process. However, you have also make sure that you buy fresh and healthy tuna loin. From healthy tuna, you can make healthy food for your healthy lifestyle. So, how to choose fresh tuna loin?

How To Choose Fresh Tuna Loin Indonesia

There are some ways to know whether tuna loin that will be brought in fresh or not. For the first way to select fresh tuna from tuna loin Indonesia is by checking breaks, cracks, and pooling water. When choosing tuna loin, you have to check on the packaging. You have to see whether there is a crack or not. Moreover, the cooling water inside of the package indicates that the tuna loin is aging and losing its ability to holding moisture. So, make sure that there is no crack, breaks, and even pooling water when choosing tuna loin.

For the second, you have also look into its consistency of tuna flesh. For darker meat like tuna, it usually has saturated and bright flesh color. You can check on the fat and muscle, is there any contrast or not. Then, you have to make sure that tuna loin that you bought has wet and glossy flesh. If you find the flesh of tuna in chalky, dry, or even sticky condition, so it means that the tuna is mishandled and not fresh. So, you cannot buy it. To get fresh tuna from tuna loin Indonesia, you have to make sure its best quality.