Android Nougat Update Info

android nougatIn this time, the technology keeps advancing. You should be aware of this because without knowing the advance of technology you will never know what you should do. You will be left undone with the others. Like in this time, the present of Smartphone has made people crazy. This phone is definitely smart just like the name and for the operation system, this Smartphone will be Android.  This android has many versions since the first time it was coming. The latest is android nougat. Here you can get android nougat update information. You need to know what makes this android version is the best.

Android Nougat Update, What New?

Well, here you will know several specifications that exist in the new version of the android operation system. The first feature will be Daydream. It is actually a platform of reality virtual application from Google. With this daydream, the creator hope will be able to apply VR on the device so that you no need prepare many certain apps or the other thing because there will be much content of VR which is ready being released in Daydream. Well, that is the first android nougat update.

The second, you will find out a new feature called quick multi-tasking. By using this feature now, you can double tap on the recent apps button quickly if you want to jump to two application which is barely being operated. For example, if you want to send the email using Gmail but the article or the material you want to send is in Chrome. You can use chrome to copy the material you want to send and then double tap on the recent apps button, then you can move back to Gmail application quickly. Well, that’s all about android nougat update. If you want further information you can visit the website.