All About Postural Hypotension

Health tipsYou may have known about hypotension, haven’t you? It is a condition when someone has a low blood pressure in the body than the normal one. Talking more about this disease, there is some type of low blood pressure and one of them is called as postural hypotension. As its name, this condition will relate to the position of the sufferers like when they standing up suddenly. Actually, there are several things which can cause this postural hypotension. Then what are those reasons? To know more about it, there is an explanation you need in the following paragraphs.

Cause Of Postural Hypotension

In this case, there are a variety of reasons which can lead to postural hypotension. What are those reasons? It starts from the health condition of the body up to another disease got by people.

  1. Dehydration and lack of food

For people who get dehydration or lack of water and also a lack of food has a high risk to get this postural hypotension. It occurs since the nutrients needed by the body cannot be fulfilled and the result is the heart cannot pump the blood well.

  1. Overly fatigued

Overly fatigue can be another reason why people get this kind of hypotension. We can see that people who are fatigued can be easy to paint since their heart has no enough energy I’m pumping blood.

  1. Aging

As hypertension, this postural hypotension also relates to the age of the people. Here elderly people have a higher risk to get hypotension because of their health condition.

  1. Medication

Too often consume hypertension medication can give you another bad impact like getting low blood pressure. That is why you should know the best time to drink the medicine of hypertension. When it is still the pre-stage, you can do medication by eating best food for hypertension.