February 9, 2018

Nowadays, there is a trend of choosing multipurpose devices over the single used ones, including printer. As one among the top manufacturer for printers, Samsung understand the condition and therefore, released Samsung Xpress C480FW. This printer offers several function within one device, such as scanner, printer, copier, and even fax machine. To provide the best performance, it uses color laser as its printing technology. In a month, the maximum duty cycle of this printer is around 20,000 pages, which is certainly a great news offices or homes with many print jobs. With this printer, you can directly scan to and print from USB flash drive. You can also access your cloud online services and directly print from or upload scans with its Google Cloud Print feature.

More Specifications

The first print out time for this printer is very fast, with only 14 seconds. The power consumption is quite high because this printer is using laser, with 290 watts for operation, 60 watts for standby mode, and 1.8 watts for sleep mode. Its maximum resolution is not too bad, but not exceptional either, with 2400 x 600 dpi for color printing and 600 x 60 dpi for mono printing. The speeds are also pretty average, with 4 pages per minute for color printing and 19 pages per minute for mono printing. It supports Linux, Mac OS X (version 10.6 and up), and Windows (XP and above) as its operating systems. To optimize its feature, driver installation is needed. The driver can be downloaded from their official website or www.driversandsoftware.com.

Several media types supported by this printer with thin paper, thick paper, recycled paper, preprinted paper, plain paper, labels, glossy paper, cotton paper, bond paper, and card stock. The standard media capacity of this printer is average, with 150 sheets in total.

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Myth And Fact About Reducing Weight

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How To Detect Hoax In Health Information?

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Reasons Why You Cannot Reduce Fat Even When You Do Diet And Exercise

This is other useful information for you especially if you are the one who wants to reduce your fat but you cannot get the right shape even you have tried your best. Make sure that you get the right information about this because there are many articles out there which may only make you distracted.