January 19, 2018

Catfish Indonesia can be found everywhere. You can found them in pond, river, lake, or reservoir. However, the river will provide you a unique fishing experience. If you want to catch catfish in a river, there will be its own guidelines that you have to follow. Everything will determine your catch.

Tips To Catch Catfish Indonesia In A River

You can catch catfish Indonesia near debris or from the bank. Each place has a different method. You can choose whatever method that suits you the best.

  1. Fish near Debris

This fish likes to hide among branches and sometimes a dead tree. Even they can also hide perfectly in rocks and other places which can cover them. They tend to live near debris since it can bring them more food and more protection. If you want to catch them near debris, you need to cast your line upstream from the debris and to down. This way is necessary in order to make the bait’s smell sensed by the catfish.

  1. Fish from the Bank

When you want to catch the fish from the bank, it means that you will eliminate the need for a boat. Moreover, the problems that come along with the need of boat will also be eliminated. And then you will face another problem since you will fish on the bank. It is quite difficult to find a spot near the fishing site. However, the sound of the motor can scare the fish so your chance of fishing will be lower. A boat may not be able to access certain areas of the debris. But if you choose to fish on the bank, there are more spots that are easier to be accessed.

That’s our tips to catch catfish Indonesia on the debris and on the bank. Don’t forget to have a good quality of fishing equipment since they can determine the result of your fishing.

Congratulation if you just gave birth to your kids. I know it is very happy to have new kids or maybe it is your first kid. Well, some mothers feel fine with their big body after giving birth but some mothers need to get their old body back couple months after they gave birth. Ok, it is normal to always want to look beautiful in front of your husband and yourself. It is not about how people look at you, isn’t it, mom?

How to Get Your Normal Weight after Gave Birth

Maybe people will think giving birth is painful and your big body will never be gone. You can prove them wrong and be the old beautiful you. However, it does not mean the women who gave birth with the big body is not beautiful; they are beautiful but sometimes they feel uncomfortable because they cannot wear their old sexy dress or be active again. Normal weight can make the body more active. Ok, here are the ways:

  1. Exercise in normal portion. You can exercise in the middle of your activities but not too much because you need your energy for your baby and the whole mother activities.
  2. Eat healthy as you and your baby need for breastfeeding. It is very good to eat healthy food. You can choose the menu that will be good for you and your baby.
  3. Be patient until your baby become 2 years old

Ok, if you think to wait for the process until the kid is 2 too long; you should remember how hard to get back your body when your baby is needing the best nutrition from your milk. You can still do the exercise and be active to lose the fat little by little every day and be patient. Then, you will get your old body without waiting until 2 years.