January 13, 2018

Cooking tuna is one of the best ideas for your breakfast or dinner menu. For the easy one, you can choose tuna loin Indonesia. Why must be tuna loin? Different from frozen tuna or canned tuna, tuna loin is easy to handle before cooking it well. Since tuna loin is boneless, you do not need to take a long process. However, you have also make sure that you buy fresh and healthy tuna loin. From healthy tuna, you can make healthy food for your healthy lifestyle. So, how to choose fresh tuna loin?

How To Choose Fresh Tuna Loin Indonesia

There are some ways to know whether tuna loin that will be brought in fresh or not. For the first way to select fresh tuna from tuna loin Indonesia is by checking breaks, cracks, and pooling water. When choosing tuna loin, you have to check on the packaging. You have to see whether there is a crack or not. Moreover, the cooling water inside of the package indicates that the tuna loin is aging and losing its ability to holding moisture. So, make sure that there is no crack, breaks, and even pooling water when choosing tuna loin.

For the second, you have also look into its consistency of tuna flesh. For darker meat like tuna, it usually has saturated and bright flesh color. You can check on the fat and muscle, is there any contrast or not. Then, you have to make sure that tuna loin that you bought has wet and glossy flesh. If you find the flesh of tuna in chalky, dry, or even sticky condition, so it means that the tuna is mishandled and not fresh. So, you cannot buy it. To get fresh tuna from tuna loin Indonesia, you have to make sure its best quality.